Tower defence game made for the Brackeys game  jam, the theme was 'rewind'.

You can collect energy, upgrade towers and most importantly you can rewind time.

I tried to make it pretty easy but I also wanted the rewind to be necessary to use. Even if the enemies reach the end, the game will just reset and you will keep all upgrades.

- How To Play -

  • Move around (WASD, arrow keys, controller)
  • Collect energy that enemies drop,
  •  Use energy to upgrade towers by moving over the platform below them.
  • Rewind by moving over the blue rewind button to make enemies rewind.
  • (Optional) Increase game speed by moving over the arrows above the rewind button.
  • Try to defeat every wave of enemies, take on the final boss and see what happens.


Rewind Defence 28 MB

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