Infinite Looper is a one-button auto-scrolling platformer set in a digital world.

The game is set inside programs stuck in infinite loops.  The only way to end the loops is to erase the programs. You play as brave functions which have been sent on suicide missions to end the loops once and for all. Try to make it to the end of the loops while avoiding loop holes which will send you back to the start.

This game was made in one week for the 

Game Jam - Game Dev Network: Blueberry Jam.

Theme - "Are you trying to get yourself killed? "Yes, yes you are.


Infinite Looper PC 14 MB
Infinite Looper Android Build.apk 24 MB

Development log


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I have to agree with @liamsorta, the graphics are really nice and original, great game!

Thank you. I didn't expect anyone to get caught out by the portal under the goal lol, I think I put it there so there would be a cooler finish by making players jump into the end.

That splash screen really won me over 😵

Really enjoyed the originality, I can never get enough of particle effects <3 

Screw that last portal under the goal by the way