You have to change your password every year and do it quickly. How long can you last?

This is a text-based game made for the Game Dev Network: Apple Jam.

Made by Plastic Diamond.

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Published 134 days ago
AuthorPlastic Diamond


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Thanks for the feedback, those are some really good ideas.

It wasn't really meant to be a "typing" game, mashing the keyboard is kinda the point so that even if you're not good at typing you can still do OK.

I like it :)!
To prevent spamming, it'd be cool to see the difficulty ramp up by having an exact password length required, going over X amount will fail. Fun game though!

I consider myself a fast typer, and couldn't even finish the first on the first run. Pretty much hardcore, but i like it.

lol i can just spam the keyboard and i win, you should have to retype the password a second time. otherwise not bad!